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Plenty of business graduates are interested in earning their graduate degree. They know that having an MBA degree on their resume is a strong signal to potential employers.

While you can pursue your master's degree in business on a full-time basis, most students either need to, or prefer to, take their MBA classes on a part-time schedule. Most graduate students will take one class a semester, completing two or three each year until their degree is completed. Read more about graduate programs in business.

Some students start a degree program only to realize that they picked the wrong college major. In fact, the vast majority of college students switch their major at least once. If you're not happy with your business major, you can consider something else.

Two majors that seem to have satisfied students are graphic arts and animation drawing. Graphic arts and design students learn how to apply their art skills to the needs of businesses and organizations, by learning how design and produce projects such as logos, advertisements, product packaging, and print, TV and Web design and layout. Read more about careers in design.

Animation and media production is another college field that has a high retention rate as well. Students who get into these types of programs tend to stay until graduation. Animation majors learn how to produce animated projects for television, film and the internet by utilizing the latest software programs. Find out more about animation majors.

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