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There are a lot of colleges in the USA to choose from. There are public and private, big and small, expensive and cheap, and campus or online. You just need to make the best choice you can make with the information you have today, and with the resources you have available.

You can choose to go the online route and take some or all of your classes through an online school or through the web extension branch of a state or private university. Online classes are not suited for every person or for every college major. They can, however, work really well for some students who have problems with attending classes on campus every day. Investigate more about online courses.

You can also choose to attend a community college. Community colleges are terrific for some students in that they allow students to earn an associate's degree and make those two years of classes transferable to a four-year college. A community college is very affordable and most cities have one. Is an associate's degree in your future?

But most students enroll at a traditional four-year college right after high school. Every state has at least one good college. You may have to move away from home to attend one, but a college is available for most students who really want to go. There are college guides available to help students choose the right college. Two examples of these types of guides include and

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