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Southern University and A & M College

• Southern University and A & M College is located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

• This college is an old, historical black college, established way back on April 1, 1880.

• There are about 1,500 administration staff and 7,000 students enrolled here.

• The whole campus covers 512 acres of land and 372 acres are for the agricultural experimentation station.

• The college offers many courses and specializations. This includes bachelors in 44 areas, 24 master's degree and 6 doctorate degrees.

• The school offers four undergraduate business programs:
1. Bachelor of Science in Accounting
2. Bachelor of Science in Finance
3. Bachelor of Science in Management
4. Bachelor of Science in Marketing.

• The College of Business also offers a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree.

• These programs are in several colleges in order to meet the needs of the students.

• Colleges For an Undergraduate Student:
- College of Agriculture, Family, & Consumer Sciences
- Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Sciences
- Bachelor of Science in Family & Consumer Sciences
- Bachelor of Science in Urban Forestry
- College of Business
- College of Arts & Humanities
- College of Education
- College of Engineering
- College of Sciences
- School of Nursing
- School of Architecture
- The Nelson Mandela School of Public Policy & Urban Affairs

• Courses for the Graduate Student
- Master of Arts
- Master of Science
- Master of Business Administration
- Master of Criminal Justice
- Master of Education
- Master of Public Administration
- Master of Engineering
- Doctor of Philosophy

• The university offers a quality level or standard of learning. Many undergraduate students here continue on to pursue their graduate studies at this university.

• Potential applicants are encouraged to visit the university.

Check out Southern University and A & M College.

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